Time Zones and Tasty Treats

I didn’t ever consider the details of this trip. The behind the scenes, departure and arrival times, the time zones and the nitty-gritty of our agenda. I was just so excited about the actual trip itself that I didn’t give any thought to the long flight, the layovers, the erratic schedule or the transport between venues. This entire trip has been laid out and planned perfectly for us, so why would I sweat the small stuff? My job is to sit back, enjoy the ride and tell you all about it!

So it starts like this:

“This is your captain speaking. Thank you for choosing Cathay Pacific Airways. Please enjoy your 15 hour flight to Hong Kong.”

Fifteen hours?! All of the flights in my life added together wouldn’t total 15 hours! What time is it right now, anyway? My mind can’t compute when I think about how my family and friends will soon be in the past. (Literally, 11 hours behind.)

Armed with a cell phone, tablet and books to cut the boredom, I settle in and accept my cozy surroundings. As someone who is constantly freezing, I immediately notice the pillow and blanket neatly placed on every seat. This is a good sign. Another positive note is the fact that we have already been given bottles of water. Shortly after takeoff, I am presented with an extensive dinner menu, and if you know me, you know I love food, especially when it’s complimentary.

“Oh you have wine? Is it on the house as well? White please.” Well, this is a win for sure. “Snacks? Oh yes, we would love some of those as well.”

Fast forward 10 hours to when I wake up snuggled next to my co-host Jess and read that there are only five hours left in the flight. More food is being offered to us, and this time, it’s noodles! I never say no to noodles. After we slurp up the delicious, hot bowl of goodness served to us by Lynn, a goddess dressed as a flight attendant, we relax and enjoy another nap.

Just before our flight lands, we are presented with a hot breakfast that leaves us wanting for nothing. Our arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport is an hour early, giving us plenty of time to shower and check out the lounge. But that’s another story.

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