If the Shoe Fits, Start Packing

At last, my gear has arrived! I’ve always considered myself an outdoorsy person, but after seeing the gear well be bringing to Thailand, I don’t think I was ever doing it quite right.

I’m sitting here looking at my gorgeous new Osprey Fairview 70 backpack in awe, wondering how the heck I’m going to even get it on my back. (I’m 5’3, and this pack is nearly half my height.) I might have to be carefully lowered down into the straps by a slow-moving crane.

The folks are Osprey were also generous enough, it seems, to have given me a sample of their entire inventory. I’ve got so many different sized packing cubes, pouches and zip-ups in all variations of colour, that I might need to buy new clothes just to fit in all them. But they’re adorable, and I’m sure I’ll find something to stuff them with.

Taking the Astrals for a walk.

Meanwhile, we’re travelling with two pairs of Chaco sandals and a new pair of Astral hiking shoes. And they all miraculously fit! I’m not one to shop online, especially for shoes (due to my complicatedly narrow feet), but it honestly felt like a Cinderella moment when I slipped them on. The colours and patterns are totally my style, to boot. Breaking in the Astral shoes was a breeze compared to some other brands I’ve had in the past. (I’m looking at you, Dr. Martens)

The Chaco sandals and I have a special relationship, though. For someone in their mid-20s I have really bad feet—by which I mean they hurt all the time. I’ve always been super-self-conscious about showing them off, with what I feel are oddly long toes and my second toe passing my big one. It’s a mess, really, but I heard somewhere that it’s also a sign of intelligence, so I love ’em anyway.

But these sandals are great, because they really support every groove in my foot, making them snug and secure—perfect for this trip to Thailand. And so with my gear ready to go, it’s time to pack!

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