What was season 1 all about?

Lena and Sue are seasoned travellers, close friends, Outpost contributors—and very different people.

Last time they were in Thailand, before they ever met, Lena freaked out over a possibly rabid monkey bite and Sue spent some face time retching into an empty vodka–Red Bull bucket. Then, six years later, Outpost sent them back to the backpacker’s mecca, from Bangkok to Chiang Rai.

The result? A web series that goes beyond Bangkok, diving deep into the culture and energy of Thailand. We met some of the country’s hidden heroes, mourned the passing of the king, ate bugs, got tattooed and hiked to some of the most beautiful temples in the country.

What is this whole thing? It’s a web series, a blog, an empty vodka–Red Bull bucket waiting to be filled with adventure. This is Tan Your Mind—and we travel for real.