Live: A Walking Tour of Cathay Pacific’s Nicest Lounge

When the Cathay Pacific Airways clerk handed over our boarding passes in Toronto, we asked to confirm if they included lounge access. The clerk informed us that they did.

“In Toronto and Hong Kong?” I asked, referring to our 10-hour layover in Cathay’s hub city.

“There is no Cathay lounge in Toronto,” she informed me. (The lounge serves several airline customers.) But it didn’t matter, she added, because “the lounge in Hong Kong is much, much better.”

Our hopes were officially up.

So were were impressed when we arrived at the first Cathay lounge in Hong Kong. We took showers in sleek bathrooms after a long flight, filled up on some dim sum and fruit, and relaxed in high-backed leather chairs. Then we went upstairs, where we caught a sunrise over Hong Kong’s nearby mountains. The noodle bar filled up quickly, so we migrated to the computer lounge, recharged our batteries and were content with the experience.

We didn’t realize there were three more lounges, each nicer than the last.

I’ll spare you the blow-by-blow, but suffice it to say, the grand finale, off by the faraway Gate 65, was said to be the biggest, nicest of the lounges in the airport. Naturally, we wanted to spend the most time there. We ended up staying seven hours.

If you’d like a virtual tour, Jess and Abra, our series hosts, gave our viewers on Facebook a walk through the place. Check it out:

Watch the Trailer