Dim Lights and Dim Sum: A Breakdown of Cathay Pacific’s Biggest Lounge

The Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong is mind-blowing. It may be one of the nicest airport lounges in the world. It’s swanky, upscale and very modern with clean lines and a killer view.

But if we’re being honest, I’m here for the food. In this lounge, there are four areas where one can indulge depending on their preference. Rather than choose just one, I tried them all. When in Rome—or Hong Kong, anyway.

The first area is called the Food Hall. From fresh fruit and western casseroles to vegetarian sandwiches and fish dishes with Asian flare, it’s all here. The selection of breads, cold cuts and cheese is endless. It’s a buffet style, too, so you can grab a plate and get at it.

Buffet’s on! (Outpost/Michael Fraiman)

The second area is the bar, where the skilled bartender is more than happy to mix up your favourite cocktail or pour you a glass of sweet champagne—on the house, of course.

Continue on and you’ll find my personal favourite, the noodle bar! I’ve been waiting a long time for this. It works in a very efficient system. You order the dish you want, and it arrives freshly made in seconds. You then choose your toppings: fresh spring onions add a crispy texture and colour to any dish and can be paired with fried garlic and a spoonful of chili paste. If you’re still not satisfied, to the left of the noodle bar is an array of appetizers including fluffy dumplings and lily flower chicken to steamed jasmine rice and crunchy pork spring rolls. Have I mentioned that everything is complimentary?

Classic Cathay, classing up the Doritos with tongs. (Outpost/Michael Fraiman)

To end your foodie escapades in the Cathay Pacific lounge, head into the tea room and try an herbal blend of lemongrass and chamomile tea alongside a soft, rose-pink macaroon or Earl Grey chocolate mousse. You could also try a beetroot and cucumber juice—it’s wonderful for jet-lagged travellers!

I haven’t even mentioned the relaxation room. With a combination of the classical music and the low lighting, you can’t go wrong in choosing this lounge to take a load off. Have a drink, eat too much food and get some shut eye.

Enjoy a drink at the bar, and take any seat you like. (Outpost/Michael Fraiman)

That pretty much “dim sums” up our layover in Hong Kong. It’s far from the worst place to spend a 10-hour layover; in fact, it may be even be the best. To see it in action, check out the live tour we did when we first arrived—you can see it all for yourself. 

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