The Countdown is Almost Done

We’re sitting in the sunny Cathay Pacific Lounge in Hong Kong, waiting for our connecting flight to Thailand. I had to catch a six-hour train ride from Montreal to Toronto, and from there sit through a 14-hour flight to where I’m sitting now. I was never much of a fan for layovers—but then again, who is, unless you have time to get out of the airport and explore.

The Outpost team has bombarded me with information about this trip now, but the only thing that actually made this whole thing feel real was receiving the itinerary.

The adventures and stories we will be covering are the things dream travels are made of. We will be doing this the right way—and yes, I do believe there is a “right” way to travel. As fun as it may be to stay in a gated resort with pina coladas in hand, you’re bubbled off from the rest of the world, I think, and don’t get enough of a chance to experience everything your host culture has to offer.

I believe it’s important to grow as people, to expand our minds (tan them, if you will), as well as our stores of knowledge and our compassion. One of the greatest ways to do so it to travel and get in the thick of it.

The sentiment I have now about leaving is a bit like that gut-wrenching feeling I get before I hit the stage during one of my shows. That energy in the air, that low buzzing of a packed room—only this is different. This will be more honed and personal, and I’m hoping to share that with you.

I’ve travelled before, many times to rural areas of the world, too, but never for this long and never in this way. I’ve been doing freelance video journalism now for more than five years, and I can tell you, it is a grueling process, especially in the entertainment industry.

With Tan Your Mind, I’ve finally landed a dream gig, something I’ve worked so hard for—and it feels good. It’s time to put my nearly 20 years of being in this crazy, unforgiving industry to work.

I have to keep telling myself that I’m good enough, and that I will exceed expectations. This is going to be the trip of a lifetime, so it’s time to smack myself around a little bit and get by blood pumping and board this final plane. I was born for this.

See you in Thailand!

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